Cotelligent is Cyber Security Services and Product based company established in the year 2003. We are a trusted, global cyber risk assurance solutions provider whose DNA is rooted in cyber advisory, managed and implementation services. We are an advisor and integrator at heart, striving to create centers of excellence globally to provide cybersecurity services, analyzing and scoring compliance, risk, security and governance situational awareness across any size of the enterprise.

Our proprietary platform and standards-based framework assess and analyze the effectiveness of existing security solutions by protecting your entire enterprise, and offer companies a consolidated view of their risk, security, governance and compliance posture.

Our Differentiator

Cut costs and maximize efficiency

We provide intelligent, efficient and secure application management solutions with a low total cost of ownership (TCO), using automation tools, cognitive assets, and best security practices.

Improve flexibility, feedback and user experience

Cotelligent helps develop new capabilities for legacy apps and wraps modern technology and approaches around existing apps.

Deliver speed and growth

Our firm can help you increase speed and innovation and reduce maintenance needs and allow for the full digital reinvention of applications to drive growth.

150+ cybersecurity projects (IAM and others) globally

Our expertise and knowledge base are gathered from 150 plus engagements across the globe. This practice has enabled us to build customized solutions, utilizing the appropriate services to address challenges the cybersecurity industry is facing today. We have a skilled and experienced workforce who observes the problem area closely to form a detailed image and then analyze the problem behavior to operate procedures. The client delivery is our priority, and we focus on the problem to resist the urge to define the problem in terms of a solution.

Our Trusted Partners

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