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↪ TechDemocracy Is Newest SAFE-BioPharma Partner

Business Wire

  Sep 06, 2017

TechDemocracy, a global cyber risk assurance, identity management and credential services provider, has become a SAFE-BioPharma Association Vendor Partner. The company, based in Edison, N.J. and Hyderabad, India, is committed to helping senior business decision makers evaluate in-depth their cyber security compliance, risk and governance effectiveness and overall risk situation.


↪ TechDemocracy’s Intellicta is Delivering on Gartner's CARTA Guidelines


  Gautam Dev

  June 15, 2017

Trust is in question. Same with one-time risk assessments. These are just some of the takeaways from the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit. It was eye-opening on many fronts, not least of which was the introduction of a new acronym – CARTA – a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment strategic approach.


↪ TechDemocracy Intellicta Security Risk Platform Debuts


  Sean Michael Kerner

  January 30, 2017


↪ TechDemocracy: Helping execs and boards ensure cybersafety

Network World

  Ben Kepes

  January 30, 2017

Intellicta offers a single dashboard that gives executives and directors a measure of overall cyberrisk across the enterprise, including a quantified risk score and financial exposure. This is a platform that directly extends from the work that the parent company, TechDemocracy, has been doing for years.


↪ New platform offers holistic risk assessment for enterprises


  Ian Barker

  January 30, 2017

Called Intellicta it's designed to help boards of directors and senior management teams bridge the visibility gaps across their compliance, security, risk, and governance functions. Using a single dashboard, the Intellicta platform presents situational awareness for the overall cyber risk across the enterprise, including a quantified risk score and financial exposure.


↪ New products of the week 1.30.17

Network World

  Ryan Frances

  January 30, 2017

Key features - In a single dashboard, the Intellicta risk assurance platform presents situational awareness for the overall cyber risk posture across the  enterprise, including a quantified risk score and financial exposure.


↪ Intellicta Integrates Leading Enterprise-Class IT Security Technologies


  Jaideep Khanduja

  January 31, 2017

TechDemocracy launches Intellicta that is the first ever platform offering businesses a new paradigm in the assessment of Compliance, Security, Risk, and Governance Tools. In fact, it is first ever tool that provides this four-dimensional assessment in a complete manner. TechDemocracy LLC is a global frontrunner in providing cyber risk assurance solutions. Intellicta platform will help enterprises’ board of directions and C-suite teams fill the knowledge gaps across the four important functions. These four pillars are compliance, security, risk, and governance. The platform complies with all standards to create a framework of a globally universal level. In fact, it builds a risk assurance center that analyzes comprehensively the gray areas of existing cyber risk. Not only this, it also provides respective compliance solutions thereby offering a complete dashboard of enterprise risk spectrum.


↪ Risk, Governance, and Compliance is all about Visibility


  Frank J. Ohlhorst

  February 1, 2017

Simply put, enterprises need better tools to deal with the trinity of compliance, governance, and risk... It is those observations that led TechDemocracy to launch the Intellicta platform, a solution designed to bring critical information elements together to give organizations a unified view of their compliance, risk, security and governance tools.


↪ TechDemocracy aims to provide a holistic assessment of cyber risk

Network World

  Linda Musthaler

  February 10, 2017

TechDemocracy hopes to change that.It says its Intellicta platform offers enterprises a real-time holistic assessment of the cyber risk, security and governance (CRSG) tools used across the enterprise to provide a consolidated view of the organization’s risk posture. The goal is enable a company to see how well it is complying with regulatory requirements and security standards, including NIST, ISO, HIPAA, SOX, IRA and others necessary to create a risk-based assurance program. A dashboard also provides a "breachability" index; i.e., how likely the organization is to have a cybersecurity breach.


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