Intelligent Risk Assurance

Introducing Intellicta – a platform to help senior business decision makers evaluate in-depth their cybersecurity compliance, risk, and governance effectiveness

Smart Forensics

Cyber Risk Governance

360° Risk Assurance

The Intellicta Platform

The First to Deliver Enterprises a Holistic Assessment of their Cybersecurity, Compliance, Risk and Governance Situation.
  • A single dashboard for CROs, CIOs, CEOs and CFOs accountable to boards for governance
  • Open architecture aggregates and analyzes every facet of an enterprise’s unique ecosystem
  • Presents situational awareness for the overall cyber risk across the enterprise
  • Determines a quantified risk score and financial exposure
  • Assesses and clearly communicates where the enterprise stands versus industry best practices and standards
  • Pinpoints gaps and inefficiencies, prioritizes risk investments and continually tracks progress
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Ken Pfeil Quotation

Even in large organizations, I found it particularly challenging to obtain a holistic view of the risk posture, because I was limited to piecemeal assessments coming from the same tools I was using to protect the enterprise. That approach lacks objectivity, fails to show the gaps in protection and is difficult to understand and communicate. We’ve created a platform that breaks down those limitations and puts companies on a path to intelligent risk assurance.

- Ken Pfeil, former CISO now chief architect for TechDemocracy

    Cotelligent’s Global Risk Assurance Center

    Providing Cyber Risk, Security & Governance Assurance as a Managed Service

    We are both an integrator and advisor at heart, helping organizations implement and use our Intellicta platform and manage their risk assurance monitoring with a full range of on-premise or cloud-based managed service options.

    To complement our clients’ internal teams, we also operate a global Risk Assurance Center as a managed service. This center of excellence, staffed by senior security assurance analysts, can fully manage compliance, risk, security and governance situational awareness activities for our clients, or serve as a backup providing deep expertise or additional resources when needed.

    The foundation of both Intellicta and the Risk Assurance Center is our proprietary Cyber Risk Governance Framework, an ITSEC solution-agnostic operating methodology. This framework aligns information coming from existing security solutions and the entire IT infrastructure with industry standards and best practices, and company-specific security policies and workflows. This normalization framework is essential for continuously evaluating, scoring and advancing the actual situation compared to best practices, standards and the risks threatening the enterprise.

    The Cyber Risk Governance Framework organizes the 24 elements potentially present in the overall cybersecurity situation into these four dimensions, and measures cyber risk protection and assurance across the six infrastructure domains below.

    • Informed
    • Secured
    • Governed
    • Resilient
    • Informed

      Strategic Advisory COE Strategic advisory function assessing on-going business needs and aligning Cyber Risk strategy for making informed security investment and maximizing resulting ROI.

    • Secured

      Cyber Security Technology COE Designed, implemented and maintain integrated, informed, secure and Complaint Cyber Security technology solution, protecting business innovation and classified assets against known and emerging threats.

    • Governed

      Cyber Risk Governance COE Maintain continuous visibility of Cyber Risk posture and Security Compliance adherence. Enforce Agile Threat prevention, Risk Awareness and effective Risk Governance across the enterprise.

    • Resilent

      Audit and Assurance COE Audit cyber attack readiness, response and restoration capabilities. Test for know and emerging vulnerabilities. Recommend and manage inclusion of remedial actions and strengthening of recovery procedures.

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    Intellicta measures cyber risk protection and assurance across six infrastructure domains

    •  Entity

      Entities are organization's employees or external contractors connected to the organization network. Analyzing entity activities and detecting behavioral anomalies provide significant data in calculating the organization's risk posture.

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    •  Device

      Similar to human entities, multiple devices can communicate with each other within an organization's network. Monitoring and analyzing such devices would assist in proactively identifying any compromises in such devices.

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    •  Network

      Monitoring the network activity will provide insight into any external or internal attacks happening to the organization. This can be achieved by analyzing attacks against regular activity patterns or using known external threat data.

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    •  Application

      Application audit logs keeps track of all the activities within the application. Monitoring these logs can help identity any unwanted activities occurring in the applications.

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    •  Database

      Analysis of the organization's data and access patterns are necessary to ensure the integrity of sensitive data. Unauthorized access and modification of data can be identified in real-time and mitigated by necessary action taken, which could include alerting personnel and blocking the malicious accounts.

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    •  Platform

      Addition to monitoring and analyzing the different components of an organization system separately, considering the platform as a whole could provide more meaning to the risk analysis process. For example, anomalies arising in multiple components simultaneously might be a symptom of an ongoing attack.

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    Kuppinger Cole Introduces Cotelligent & Intellicta

    The first of it’s kind Cyber Risk Governance & Awareness platform

    Cotelligent is creating a highly ambitious and innovative software category. Its underlying conceptual framework will be a welcome addition to the marketplace, especially for larger enterprises with the need to correlate existing compliance and risk information into a flexible, unified and powerful risk assurance model.

    - by Matthias Reinwarth, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

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